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List of Vegetation Communities

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The Tamborine Mountain communities surveyed and described hereunder are based on communities known as Regional Ecosystems (RE) (Slttler & Williams, 1999). They are described below with the code for each of these which is used in the Species Table.

Weeds were not recorded in all the surveys and so have not been fully included in the Species List. However they were significant but, thankfully minor, components of some of the vegetation communities.

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THE varied geology of TM, together with different climate from east to west and down the scarp, has produced a variety of ecosystems. These vary from moist rainforests down to fairly dry sclerophyll open forests. Fire is a major evolutionary influence on the mountain’s communities but has been much modified in the last few hundred years. There is a catenary sequence of soils down the slopes (a catena is a sequence of soils down a slope reflecting the changing geologic strata which give rise to them) and the communities blend into each other in consequence. There is an increasing invasion of weeds and a less obvious (and therefore less measurable) invasion of feral animals. These invasive effects are greatest on the upper boundaries with the residential plateau, and on the lower boundaries with the farmed and increasingly residential land. The time period of these surveys was insufficient to measure these invasive trends. Each of the ten major ecosystems of Tamborine Mountain described is distinct and recognisable in its plant and animal components and its environmental factors.

Sourced from Tamborine Mountain Flora and Fauna - M.J.Russell, G.Leiper, D.W.White, D.Francis, P.J.Hauser, W.J.F.McDonald, S.Sims

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Vegetation Community

id Vegetation Community Photos Communities Map Code TMFF RE Code
1 Cool (upland) sub-tropical rainforest A 12.8.3
2 Tall, Open Forest B 12.8.8
3 Vine Thicket Or Gorge Rainforest C 12.8.4
4 Dry Rainforest D 12.11.10
5 Tall, Open Forest Of The Eastern Escarpment E 12.11.2
6 Tall, Open Forest On Ridges Of The Eastern Escarpment F 12.11.3
7 Grassy, Open Forest Of The Eastern Escarpment G 12.11.5
8 Heathy, Open Forest Of The Western Escarpment H 12.9 & 10.17
9 Heathy, Open Forest On Rhyolite On The Southern Escarpment I 12.12.14
10 Open Forest With Rainforest Understorey On The Southern Escarpment J Un-named
11 Former records of plant species for comparison Y not defined