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70 2017-01-31 Rainfall Map for TM In the long term January is the Mountain’s wettest month. This one started well with a trough moving up from NSW and stalling over the southeast as described by Bryan Rolstone in the last edition of Weather Watch. It brought good rain much needed. Thereafter troughs on the 5th, 14th, 27st and 27th brought moderate falls which all added up to an average January.
This January was hotter than usual with the maximum over 30C for many days.
The expected rainfall for January at Fern St is 162 mm and the long term average is 223 mm. This month they received 229mm above the expected and on average.
72 2016-12-31 Rainfall Map for TM December started with an unstable air mass which produced a few showers and then a thunderstorm with heavy rain on the 5th. The southern end got twice as much as the north. Thereafter there were only minor showers so that December rainfall was low. The long term expected for Fern St for December is 141 mm and the long term average is 164 mm, so their total of 80mm was low. The chart shows higher totals than this to the SE and lower to the NW – a usual pattern. View
73 2016-12-30 Rainfall Map for TM There would be general agreement that 2016 was a dry year on the Mountain. In fact if it had not been for an unseasonably wet June it would have been very dry indeed. This heavy winter rain was due to an east coast low and was reminiscent of 1996 when a similar event occurred in May.
The chart shows clearly that most of our rain comes from the south east.
Many thanks to the rainfall recorders who consistently contribute good data to this rainfall network. New recorders, especially in areas with low representation, are always welcome.
71 2016-11-30 Rainfall Map for TM This November was characterised by a series of troughs and associated thunderstorms from the west as is normal for this time of the year. However the upper atmosphere remained too stable to produce better than minor falls. However on the 27th a thunderstorm brought falls of around an inch to Mt. Tamborine while the rest of the mountain virtually missed out. There was light hail associated with one or two of the storms.
The map shows that, in consequence, the rainfall totals varied considerably over the mountain for the month. Overall it felt very dry by the end of the month.
Fern St received 49mm, about half the expected 91mm for November. The long term average for November at Fern St is 122mm.
69 2016-10-31 Rainfall Map for TM This October was dry. Troughs produced rain on five occasions through the month but these falls were usually small giving most recorders across the Mountain about 50mm. Since the long term expected rain for October at Fern St is 70mm and the average is 92mm this was a dry month. Between falls daily humidity was low with cool night temperatures. View
68 2016-09-30 Rainfall Map for TM As explained last month by Bryan Rolstone in his WeatherWatch, the effect of NW cloud bands streaming in from the NW coast brought us more rain this September than usual. A series of troughs brought us rain recorded on the 2nd & 3rd, on the 8th to 11th, from the 14th to 16th, and from the 19th to 23rd.
These produced about twice the expected rainfall for September over the whole Mountain as shown by the chart. The long term expected rainfall for September at Fern St is 43.8mm and the mean is 48.5mm
67 2016-08-31 Rainfall Map for TM The expected rain for August at Fern St. is 42mm and the long term average is 56mm so, as seen from the chart, this August was a bit above average.
Troughs brought useful rain recorded on 3rd & 4th and on the 24th & 25th. Springtime on The Mountain will have benefitted from these.
As usual recorders on the east received a bit more rainfall than the others.
66 2016-07-31 Rainfall Map for TM July was drier than expected with only 30mm at Fern St this month compared with the expected of 53mm and average of 85mm. The chart shows unusually even totals across the Mountain. They were produced on the 4th to 6th by a trough and upper atmosphere low, and on the 17th to 19th by another low.
The usual continental high pressure cells brought cool conditions followed by glorious still sunny conditions. The week from about the 19th was exceptionally warm for July.
65 2016-06-30 Rainfall Map for TM As mentioned last month and predicted by Bryan Rolstone, a trough from the west coiled into an east coast low as it approached the coast and gave us a drenching at the beginning of the month. Heavy and very variable falls were recorded on the 4th and 5th as shown on the chart. Thereafter a big high pressure system across the lower part of the continent brought cold, dry conditions more characteristic of June. Another trough and associated upper atmosphere low brought good rain recorded on the 20th. Altogether a much wetter month than usual for June. View
64 2016-05-31 Rainfall Map for TM Another dry month with only 32mm at Fern St when the average is 121mm and the median 78mm.
The month started well with a trough and then an upper atmosphere low bringing rain for the first three days. Thereafter there were only dews until the 27th when a trough brought small falls.
Bryan Rolstone talked about east coast lows. As we now know this was a timely prediction. In 2015 there was one in May. This time it was June.
63 2016-04-30 Rainfall Map for TM At Fern St. the expected rain for April is 82 mm and the average is 130 mm so this April was very dry there. However, as the map shows, the other end of the Mountain had three times this rainfall.
All the variation occurred on the first significant fall of the month recorded on the 12th. This was produced by a surface low coinciding with an upper atmosphere low, as described by Bryan Rolstone in the TMNews of April 19. It resulted in a thunderstorm which produced almost 40 mm at Westdown and only 3 mm at Bateke Rd at the other end of the Mountain.
The only other useful fall was produced by a trough and recorded on the 22nd. Other small falls in the month resulted from the SE trade winds bringing in moisture from the sea.
It remained very warm.
62 2016-03-31 Rainfall Map for TM After the very dry January & February rain started right away in March. An upper atmosphere low and convergence from the south produced useful rain for the first three days which then dribbled on for a few days until another trough into the upper atmosphere brought good falls recorded on the 9th. Thereafter an unstable upper atmosphere combined with SE convergence combined to give us almost daily rain until the 23rd. A short break and then a trough with instability into the upper atmosphere gave good rain recorded on the 27th. Some of these falls were associated with minor thunderstorms. Overall it wasn’t surprising that there was considerable variation on the Mountain as shown on the chart.
At Fern St 178.4mm for March exceeded the expected of 157mm but was less than the average of 191mm.