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Observation Source

List of Observation Sources

Source from which observations have been obtained for our local Tamborine Mountain biodiversity records

Authorised Editor(s):  Jeff Eller

id source observation description
115 Bird Data Sheet - Non-TMNHA Bird Data Sheet other than TMNHA Bird Group
118 T.M.N.H.A. Nature Walk Report Species noted by the TMNHA Nature Walk Reports
116 TMFF Tamborine Mountain Flora & Fauna Book - published 2013
108 Raymond Curtis Rainforest Journal
104 Naturesearch
105 Herbrecs
107 Other Miscellaneous
106 Personal Observation Observations by individuals
109 G. Aagaard Wildlife in a Wild Garden
111 T.M.N.H.A. Observations & records from publications and Tamborine Mountain Natural History Assoc. Inc group survey observers (e.g. Birdo and Nature Walk Groups)
113 Landcare Survey Surveys by Landcare member teams - non Specialist Reports
102 Chenowyth Report TML Surveys
103 Specialist Report Special other surveys including Landcare Surveys by an approved external Specialist
112 Doug & Damien White Surveys Animal surveys
110 Tamborine Mountain Naturalists Non-aligned observations