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Users and Contributors Agreement for Data collected and used with iNaturalist systems

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Tamborine Mountain Natural History Association Inc ("TMNHA")

iNaturalist Data Contributors and Managers Agreement

1.1. Introduction

We trust that you understand that these requirements are no more than would be required for managing data contribution to any web database system. The management of the web database is actually more about managing data collection, input and its methodology than it is about the software systems for supporting that activity. That root need for data management has always got to rest with the data providers.

The role of the Data Manager and/or Contributor would be to ensure the following requirements are achieved at least as far as their data is concerned. However, their assistance with review of other Tamborine Mountain data would also help ensure the validation of other data that may relate to their purposes and generally for Tamborine Mountain biodiversity related data searches.

TMNHA Database Observations Data: Please also note that the data from the TMNHA Database is only partially imported into the iNaturalist data records due to privacy or other data location issues. Additional data can be bulk imported if requested and approved by us.

iNaturalist Database Systems: This Website and Mobile App system was chosen from a number of Data Collection Mobile systems due to its significant features development, ongoing maintenance and ease of use. The object is to provide additional methods of collecting and verifying data as well as providing Website and Mobile App information service to the public on core content of our local Biodiversity Database. Data collected through iNaturalist may also be used in the TMNHA Database Website. TMNHA does not provide any warranty or liability to the users of the iNaturalist systems should the users suffer any form of loss or injury therefrom.

1.2. Co-operation

There is a critical requirement for co-operation between the data editors on designating common database reference lists such as species (taxa) names for on-TM observations. There are reference data tables to track that information that is used for all observations. The benefit of using iNaturalist is its taxa management systems to help protect this consistency but it is not 100% fool-proof.

  • Users other than curators/managers would only be able to add data. Editing rights are restricted to primary data editors to protect data added by other users only being edited by a competent special user.
  • Curators/Managers have additional authority to add or edit the Species taxa Lists subject to notifying other Curators/Managers as changes are made as additional validation.

1.3. Summary of Responsibilities relevant to their data involvement

  • Oversee data collection and validation before synchronising collected data with iNaturalist;
  • Advise on access restrictions to a data table or table field data therein; and
  • Assist in responding to questions on collected data by users, web-managers or others.

1.4. Observation Data Entry and Validation

Data observations are made up of 3 data entry types:

  1. Transfer of previous core data in our Website Database: This is done by the web-manager converting the data to spreadsheets and matching required data fields to the iNaturalist data table fields.

  2. Historic User Data Uploads: The ease of use and taxa support may encourage other naturalists with Data on Tamborine Mountain Biodiversity to upload that data to our Project at iNaturalist

  3. New observation data entry: A Mobile App form is available for new data collection in the field (where there is internet data availability) or afterwards where free Wi Fi may be available. Alternatively, it may be done at the iNaturalist Website.

1.5. User Agreement

Users, Curators and Managers must not use the iNaturalist or TMNHA systems for the TMNHA Database activities unless they agree to:

  1. Abide by the Terms and Conditions of iNaturalist provider services including its Privacy Policy. This includes any updates to those requirements as published from time to time by iNaturalist.
  2. Abide by the Website Terms & Conditions of TMNHA provided services including its Copyright Policy. This includes any updates to those requirements as published from time to time by TMNHA. TMNHA is granted the same rights of management and use of their contributed data on TMNHA Projects as the users grant to the iNaturalist systems working on those Projects except to the extent of any direct inconsistency with iNaturalist rights as against TMNHA under TMNHA's agreement to the iNaturalist Terms and Conditions of Service with iNaturalist.