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Content Contribution Usage & Copyright

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Our understanding is that in Australia (home of this website) Copyright subsists to the Contributor for website content. Whilst no formal copyright notice is required to protect that entitlement, there is a small print copyright notice at the bottom of the website intended to warn users that the website content is subject to copyright whether it be for TMNHA or a contributor's benefit. If an author requests more prominent notice with their content then we can add their notice assuming the wording is acceptable to TMNHA and does not detract from general website display.

We note from Australian Copyright Council;

A work does not need to have the copyright notice or the authorís name on it to be protected. The absence of a copyright notice or the authorís name may of course make it more difficult to obtain permission.

The TMNHA website is a compilation of content (e.g. text, images, and various multimedia) †

This content comes from many sources:

  1. Past and future TMNHA printed or recorded materials published outside the website
  2. Content contributed by members and non-members for website display according to the objects of TMNHA (including for the nature interaction activities of TMNHA sub-groups or affiliates)
  3. Data collected for the Database as collected by TMNHA members, Non-members, Other Associations or Organisations who wish to use the TMNHA Database for website management and display of the data

Our attitude is that content of the TMNHA website is free for personal use but re-publishing outside the website should have attribution to TMNHA and the indicated author (if any) of the content unless a more specific copyright restriction is evident for the content. Non-personal use (Commercial or Government) requires approval of TMNHA and indicated authors.

A suitable attribution would be:

"Content (or data) obtained from website of Tamborine Mountain Natural History Association Inc @ and its author as indicated therein." (please insert authors if indicated)

We encourage photos and videos to only be submitted at a quality only sufficient for website display but at a resolution generally unsuitable for quality commercial printing. We encourage photos and videos to be submitted with the owners copyright watermark if they so wish. Otherwise, we can not confirm track the original photo submitter with the image or otherwise.

The website was configured for a not for profit association and is developed and maintained by volunteers for the objects of the Association which include promoting the sharing of natural history knowledge. It relies on members to respect the parameters of the system and the community co-operative approach to managing the website to keep it operational and a growing source of local natural history information and encouragement for more people to respect and participate†cooperatively with nature.

Some knowledge may have restricted access for various reasons. Requirements for restricted access must be discussed with the indicated author (or for data tables the authorised data table editor) and then with the Web-managers to determine available practical implementation.

A website allows multiple applications of the same content throughout different displays of website content. TMNHA requests content contributors agree to that content usage. This is not designed to remove the contributors ownership but to ensure TMNHA can maximise the effectiveness of communicating the content and achieving the objects of TMNHA within the website and also alleviate the volunteer management from complex copyright use tracking of content for approval of each use within the website. If a contributor is aggrieved by a usage, the intention is to remove that usage except for where it was contributed for first display in the website (subject to variations agreed with a contributor on first contribution).

Also in line with TMNHA constitution objectives, it may also be considered appropriate by the management committee to submit data collected to natural history related research databases of not-for-profit associations and government (e.g. Museum or Bird Atlas).

We also have a website plug-in that can activate on a user trying to copy text to cause a pop-up message to say something like;

"All materials on this site are copyright protected by its author. Excluding our own non-text media, text content may be re-published with attribution."

Whilst it is also possible for that plug-in to attempt to prevent all copying (which could be a nuisance to our own members personal use) expert users can override this restriction. We felt we would add the message but not frustrate users with more impediments to navigating the website.