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List of local Birds

Currently includes birds seen on walks off the mountain but the table search tools allow limiting to birds only seen on TM. Periodically the Bird Group exports a list of birds seen on TM classified by region status. The current Tamborine Mountain Bird List is being compiled for download (link will be added when ready).

Authorised Editor(s): Jeff Eller

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Species Type

Scientific Name Wikipedia Link Current Common Name Example Photo View
12356 Bird Hylacola pyrrhopygia Chestnut-Rumped Heathwren Example Photo View
11179 Bird Ixobrychus flavicollis Black Bittern View
11207 Bird Lalage leucomela Varied Triller Example Photo View
11208 Bird Lalage tricolor White-Winged Triller View
11218 Bird Larus novaehollandiae Silver Gull Example Photo View
11258 Bird Leucosarcia melanoleuca Wonga Pigeon Example Photo View
11260 Bird Lichenostomus chrysops Yellow-Faced Honeyeater Example Photo View
11261 Bird Lichenostomus fasciogularis Mangrove Honeyeater Example Photo View
11262 Bird Lichenostomus fuscus Fuscous Honeyeater Example Photo View
12365 Bird Lichenostomus leucotis White-Eared Honeyeater View
11263 Bird Lichenostomus melanops Yellow-Tufted Honeyeater Example Photo View
12366 Bird Lichenostomus penicillatus White-Plumed Honeyeater Example Photo View
11264 Bird Lichmera indistincta Brown Honeyeater Example Photo View
11272 Bird Limosa lapponica Bar-Tailed Godwit View
11273 Bird Limosa limosa Black-Tailed Godwit View
11314 Bird Lonchura castaneothorax Chestnut-Breasted Mannikin Example Photo View
11316 Bird Lophoictinia isura Square-Tailed Kite View
11317 Bird Lopholaimus antarcticus Topknot Pigeon Example Photo View
11346 Bird Macropygia amboinensis Brown Cuckoo-Dove Example Photo View
11349 Bird Malacorhynchus membranaceus Pink-Eared Duck Example Photo View
11354 Bird Malurus cyaneus Superb Fairy-Wren Example Photo View
11355 Bird Malurus lambertii Variegated Fairy-Wren Example Photo View
11356 Bird Malurus melanocephalus Red-Backed Fairy-Wren Example Photo View
11359 Bird Manorina melanocephala Noisy Miner Example Photo View
12352 Bird Manorina melanophrys Bell Miner View
11373 Bird Megalurus gramineus Little Grassbird Example Photo View
11374 Bird Megalurus timoriensis Tawny Grassbird Example Photo View
12358 Bird Melanodryas cucullata Hooded Robin Example Photo View
11389 Bird Meliphaga lewinii Lewin's Honeyeater Example Photo View
11390 Bird Melithreptus albogularis White-Throated Honeyeater Example Photo View
11391 Bird Melithreptus gularis Black-Chinned Honeyeater View
11392 Bird Melithreptus lunatus White-Naped Honeyeater Example Photo View
11400 Bird Menura alberti Albert's Lyrebird Example Photo View
12363 Bird Menura novaehollandiae Superb Lyrebird View
11403 Bird Merops ornatus Rainbow Bee-Eater Example Photo View
11408 Bird Metopidius gallinacea Comb-Crested Jacana Example Photo View
11410 Bird Microeca fascinans Jacky Winter Example Photo View
11434 Bird Monarcha leucotis White-Eared Monarch View
11435 Bird Monarcha melanopsis Black-Faced Monarch View
11436 Bird Monarcha trivirgatus Spectacled Monarch View
11454 Bird Myiagra alecto Shining Flycatcher Example Photo View
11455 Bird Myiagra cyanoleuca Satin Flycatcher View
11456 Bird Myiagra inquieta Restless Flycatcher Example Photo View
11457 Bird Myiagra rubecula Leaden Flycatcher Example Photo View
11470 Bird Myzomela obscura Dusky Honeyeater Example Photo View
11471 Bird Myzomela sanguinolenta Scarlet Honeyeater Example Photo View
11485 Bird Neochmia modesta Plum-Headed Finch Example Photo View
11486 Bird Neochmia temporalis Red-Browed Firetail Example Photo View
12364 Bird Neophema pulchella Turquoise Parrot Example Photo View
11501 Bird Nettapus coromandelianus Cotton Pygmy-Goose View