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Species Lists for Tamborine Mountain

Current list of plants and animals (birds, insects, frogs, mammals etc) that are observed on Tamborine Mountain. This list is a work in progress and continues to be edited and updated.

Members with Editor or greater status see the global list including non-TM species For a TM list filter by TM list field Yes/No. Authorised Editor(s): Jeff Eller, Mike Russell, Julie Lake (Plants). TMFF advice from Mike Russell.

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Species Type

Scientific Name Wikipedia Link Current Common Name Example Photo View More
12420 Damsel & Dragonflies - Odonata Adversaeschna brevistyla Blue-Spotted Hawker View More
12518 Fungi Agaricus campestris Field Mushroom View More
12421 Damsel & Dragonflies - Odonata Agrionoptera insignis allogenes Red Swampdragon View More
10081 Tree Ailanthus triphysa White Bean View More
10082 Bird Ailuroedus crassirostris Green Catbird Example Photo View More
10084 Tree Akania bidwillii Turnipwood Example Photo View More
10085 Tree Alangium villosum polyosmoides Blackheart View More
10086 Bird Alcedo azurea Azure Kingfisher Example Photo View More
10087 Shrub Alchornea ilicifolia Native Holly Example Photo View More
10088 Tree Alectryon subcinereus Wild Quince View More
10089 Tree Alectryon subdentatus Hard Alectryon View More
10090 Tree Alectryon tomentosus Hairy Alectryon View More
10091 Tree Alectryon unilobatus 0 View More
10092 Bird Alectura lathami Brush Turkey Example Photo View More
12422 Bug or Cicada Aleeta curvicosta Floury Baker Cicada View More
10093 Bird Alisterus scapularis King Parrot Example Photo View More
10094 Tree Allocasuarina littoralis Black She-Oak View More
10095 Tree Allocasuarina torulosa Rose She-Oak/Forest She-Oak Example Photo View More
10096 Herb Alocasia brisbanensis Cunjevoi Example Photo View More
10097 Tree Alphitonia excelsa Red Ash/Soap Tree Example Photo View More
10098 Tree Alphitonia petriei White Ash View More
10100 Herb Alpinia caerulea Blue Native Ginger View More
10101 Herb Alternanthera denticulata Lesser Joyweed View More
10103 Shrub Alyxia ruscifolia ruscifolia Chain Fruit Example Photo View More
12508 Butterfly or Moth Amata sp. Six-spot Burnett Moth View More
10113 Mistletoe Amyema miquelii Gum Tree Mistletoe/Bronze Mistletoe View More
10115 Mistletoe Amylotheca dictyophleba Red Mistletoe/Brush Mistletoe View More
10120 Bird Anas superciliosa Pacific Black Duck Example Photo View More
10123 Herb Aneilema acuminatum Aneilema View More
10124 Herb Aneilema biflorum Mat Aneilema View More
10125 Tree Angophora floribunda Rough-Barked Apple Example Photo View More
10126 Tree Angophora leiocarpa Rusty Gum Example Photo View More
10127 Tree Angophora subvelutina Broadleaf Apple View More
10128 Tree Angophora woodsiana Smudgee View More
10129 Fish Anguilla reinhardtii Longfinned Eel View More
10133 Ant or Bee or Wasp Anonychomyrma QM.3 0 View More
10136 Mammal Antechinus flavipes Yellow-Footed Antechinus View More
10137 Mammal Antechinus subtropicus Brown Antechinus View More
11857 Tree Anthocarapa nitidula Incense Cedar View More
10141 Bird Anthochaera chrysoptera Little Wattlebird Example Photo View More
10142 Bird Anthus novaeseelandiae Australian Pipit Example Photo View More
10144 Ant or Bee or Wasp Aphaenogaster longiceps Funnel Ant View More
10146 Tree Aphananthe philippinensis Native Elm View More
10147 Vine Aphanopetalum resinosum Gum Vine View More
10148 Butterfly or Moth Appias paulina ega Yellow Albatross View More
10150 Bird Aquila audax Wedge-Tailed Eagle Example Photo View More
10151 Ferns & Allies Arachniodes aristata Prickly Shield Fern View More
10152 Other Insect Arachnocampa flava Glow-Worm View More
10170 Tree Araucaria cunninghamii Hoop Pine Example Photo View More
10174 Tree Archidendron grandiflorum Pink Laceflower Example Photo View More