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Species Lists for Tamborine Mountain

Current list of plants and animals (birds, insects, frogs, mammals etc) that are observed on Tamborine Mountain. This list is a work in progress and continues to be edited and updated.

Members with Editor or greater status see the global list including non-TM species For a TM list filter by TM list field Yes/No. Authorised Editor(s): Jeff Eller, Mike Russell, Julie Lake (Plants). TMFF advice from Mike Russell.

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Species Type

Scientific Name Wikipedia Link Current Common Name Example Photo View More
10815 Tree Elattostachys nervosa Green Tamarind View More
10816 Tree Elattostachys xylocarpa White Tamarind View More
10819 Herb Eleocharis equisetina Common Spikerush View More
10824 Butterfly or Moth Elodina angulipennis Southern Pearl-White View More
10825 Butterfly or Moth Elodina parthia Striated Pearl-White View More
10826 Reptile Elseya latisternum Saw-Shelled Turtle View More
10827 Vine Embelia australiana Embelia View More
10830 Tree Emmenosperma alphitonioides Yellow Ash View More
12436 Reptile Emydura macquarii signata Short-Necked Turtle View More
10832 Tree Endiandra compressa Queensland Greenheart View More
10833 Tree Endiandra discolor Rose Walnut View More
10834 Tree Endiandra hayesii Velvet Laurel View More
12474 Tree Endiandra muelleri bracteata Northern Rose Walnut View More
10835 Tree Endiandra muelleri muelleri Green-Leaved Rose Walnut View More
10836 Tree Endiandra pubens Hairy Walnut View More
10837 Tree Endiandra sieberi Hard Corkwood View More
12483 Tree Endiandra sp. No common name View More
12484 Grass Enteropogon acicularis Windmill Grass View More
10838 Grass Entolasia marginata Bordered Panic View More
10839 Grass Entolasia stricta Wiry Panic View More
10841 Bird Entomyzon cyanotis Blue-Faced Honeyeater Example Photo View More
10842 Bird Eopsaltria australis chrysorrhoa Eastern Yellow Robin Example Photo View More
10843 Shrub Epacris microphylla Coral Heath View More
10846 Orchid Epipogium roseum Leafless Nodding Orchid View More
12437 Damsel & Dragonflies - Odonata Episynlestes albicauda Southern Whitetip View More
10852 Grass Eragrostis spartinoides Love Grass View More
10856 Shrub Eremophila debilis Winter Apple View More
10866 Spider or Scorpion or Mite Eriophora transmarina Orb Spider View More
10868 Butterfly or Moth Erysichton lineata Hairy Line-Blue View More
10871 Tree Erythrina vespertillio Bat's Wing Coral Tree View More
10874 Orchid Erythrorchis cassythoides Climbing Orchid View More
10875 Crustacean Euastacus sulcatus Lamington Spiny Cray View More
10876 Tree Eucalyptus acmenoides White Mahagony View More
10877 Tree Eucalyptus biturbinata Grey Gum View More
10878 Tree Eucalyptus carnea Broad-Leaved White Mahogany View More
10879 Tree Eucalyptus crebra Narrow-Leaved Ironbark View More
10882 Tree Eucalyptus eugenioides Thin-Leaved Stringybark View More
10883 Tree Eucalyptus fusiformis Gum-Topped Ironbark View More
10884 Tree Eucalyptus grandis Flooded Gum View More
10886 Tree Eucalyptus microcorys Tallow-Wood View More
10888 Tree Eucalyptus propinqua major Orange-Barked Grey Gum View More
10889 Tree Eucalyptus propinqua propinqua Small-Fruited Grey Gum View More
10891 Tree Eucalyptus racemosa Scribbly Gum View More
10892 Tree Eucalyptus resinifera Red Stringybark View More
10893 Tree Eucalyptus saligna saligna Sydney Blue Gum View More
10894 Tree Eucalyptus seeana Narrow-Leaved Red Gum View More
10895 Tree Eucalyptus siderophloia Grey Ironbark View More
10896 Tree Eucalyptus tereticornis Queensland Blue Gum/Forest Red Gum View More
10897 Tree Eucalyptus tindaliae Tindale's Stringybark View More
10899 Bird Eudynamys scolopacea Eastern Koel Example Photo View More