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Species Lists for Tamborine Mountain

Current list of plants and animals (birds, insects, frogs, mammals etc) that are observed on Tamborine Mountain. This list is a work in progress and continues to be edited and updated.

Members with Editor or greater status see the global list including non-TM species For a TM list filter by TM list field Yes/No. Authorised Editor(s): Jeff Eller, Mike Russell, Julie Lake (Plants). TMFF advice from Mike Russell.

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Species Type

Scientific Name Wikipedia Link Current Common Name Example Photo View More
10725 Grass Digitaria diffusa 0 View More
10727 Grass Digitaria parviflora Smallflower Fingergrass View More
10730 Shrub Dillwynia retorta retorta Eggs And Bacon View More
10733 Vine Dioscorea transversa Native Yam View More
10734 Tree Diospyros australis Black Plum View More
10735 Tree Diospyros fasciculosa Grey Ebony View More
10736 Tree Diospyros geminata Scaly Ebony View More
10737 Tree Diospyros pentamera Myrtle Ebony View More
10738 Damsel & Dragonflies - Odonata Diphlebia coerulescens Sapphire Rockmaster View More
10739 Damsel & Dragonflies - Odonata Diphlebia lestoides Whitewater Rockmaster View More
10741 Damsel & Dragonflies - Odonata Diplacodes haematodes Scarlet Percher View More
12433 Damsel & Dragonflies - Odonata Diplacodes melanopsis Black-Faced Percher View More
10743 Ferns & Allies Diplazium australe Austral Lady Fern View More
10746 Vine Diplocyclos palmatus palmatus Native Bryony View More
12434 Reptile Diplodactylus vittatus Wood Gecko View More
10747 Tree Diploglottis australis Native Tamarind View More
10752 Butterfly or Moth Dispar compacta Barred Skipper View More
10753 Tree Dissiliaria baloghioides Lancewood/Hauer View More
10759 Orchid Dockrillia bowmanii Small Pencil Orchid View More
10761 Orchid Dockrillia linguiformis Tongue Orchid View More
10763 Orchid Dockrillia teretifolia Pencil Orchid View More
10764 Shrub Dodonaea triquetra Forest Hopbush View More
10765 Butterfly or Moth Doleschallia bisaltide australis Aust Leafwing View More
10766 Ant or Bee or Wasp Dolichoderus australis 0 View More
10771 Spider or Scorpion or Mite Dolomedes sp. Water Spider View More
10776 Ferns & Allies Doodia aspera Rasp Fern View More
10777 Ferns & Allies Doodia caudata 0 View More
10778 Ferns & Allies Doodia media 0 View More
10781 Herb Drosera peltata Tall Sundew View More
10783 Ferns & Allies Drynaria rigidula Basket Fern View More
10784 Tree Drypetes deplanchei Yellow Tulip View More
10785 Tree Duboisia myoporoides Corkwood View More
10788 Tree Dysoxylum fraserianum Rosewood View More
10789 Tree Dysoxylum mollissimum molle Red Bean View More
10790 Tree Dysoxylum rufum Hairy Rosewood View More
10793 Grass Echinopogon nutans nutans Nodding Hedgehog Grass View More
10794 Grass Echinopogon ovatus ovatus Forest Hedgehog Grass View More
10795 Vine Echinostephia aculeata Prickly Tape Vine View More
10800 Reptile Egernia frerei Major Skink View More
10801 Reptile Egernia major Land Mullet View More
10802 Reptile Egernia mcpheei 0 View More
10181 Bird Egretta novaehollandiae White-Faced Heron Example Photo View More
10804 Tree Ehretia acuminata Koda View More
10806 Tree Elaeocarpus grandis Blue Quandong View More
10807 Tree Elaeocarpus kirtonii White Quandong View More
10808 Tree Elaeocarpus obovatus Hard Quandong View More
10809 Tree Elaeocarpus reticulatus Blueberry Ash View More
10810 Tree Elaeodendron australe australe Red Olive Plum View More
10811 Bird Elanus axillaris Black-Shouldered Kite Example Photo View More
10813 Herb Elatostema reticulatum Rainforest Spinach View More