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Species Lists for Tamborine Mountain

Current list of plants and animals (birds, insects, frogs, mammals etc) that are observed on Tamborine Mountain. This list is a work in progress and continues to be edited and updated.

Members with Editor or greater status see the global list including non-TM species For a TM list filter by TM list field Yes/No. Authorised Editor(s): Jeff Eller, Mike Russell, Julie Lake (Plants). TMFF advice from Mike Russell.

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Species Type

Scientific Name Wikipedia Link Current Common Name Example Photo View More
10565 Tree Corynocarpus rupestris arborescens Southern Corynocarpus View More
10567 Bird Coturnix ypsilophora Brown Quail Example Photo View More
10568 Bird Cracticus nigrogularis Pied Butcherbird Example Photo View More
10569 Bird Cracticus torquatus Grey Butcherbird Example Photo View More
10571 Ant or Bee or Wasp Crematogaster QM.6 0 View More
10573 Butterfly or Moth Cressida c cressida Clearwing Swallowtail View More
10574 Frog Crinia parinsignifera Beeping Froglet View More
10575 Frog Crinia signifera Clicking Froglet View More
10577 Damsel & Dragonflies - Odonata Crocothemis nigrifrons Black-Headed Skimmer View More
10579 Shrub Crotalaria lanata Tree Rattle Pod View More
10582 Herb Crotalaria montana Mountain Rattlepod View More
10583 Tree Croton acronychioides Thick-Leaved Croton View More
10584 Tree Croton stigmatosus White Croton View More
10585 Tree Croton verreauxii Native Cascarilla View More
10587 Reptile Cryptoblepharus virgatus Wall Skink View More
10588 Tree Cryptocarya bidwillii Yellow Laurel View More
10589 Tree Cryptocarya erythroxylon Pigeonberry Ash View More
10590 Tree Cryptocarya foetida Stinking Cryptocarya View More
10591 Tree Cryptocarya glaucescens Jackwood View More
10592 Tree Cryptocarya laevigata laevigata Red-Fruited Laurel View More
10593 Tree Cryptocarya microneura Murrogun View More
10594 Tree Cryptocarya obovata Pepperberry View More
10595 Tree Cryptocarya sclerophylla Hard Cryptocarya View More
10596 Tree Cryptocarya triplinervis Three-Veined Cryptocarya View More
11937 Reptile Cryptophis nigrescens Eastern Small-Eyed Snake View More
10597 Reptile Ctenotus arcanus Arcane Skink View More
10598 Reptile Ctenotus robustus Eastern Striped Skink View More
10603 Tree Cupaniopsis newmanii Long-Leaved Tuckeroo View More
10604 Tree Cupaniopsis parvifolia Small-Leaved Tuckeroo View More
10605 Tree Cupaniopsis serrata Smooth Tuckeroo View More
10606 Butterfly or Moth Cupha p prosope Bordered Rustic View More
10607 Shrub Cuttsia viburnum Cuttsia View More
10608 Herb Cyanthillium cinereum Vernonia View More
10609 Ferns & Allies Cyathea australis Rough Tree Fern View More
10610 Ferns & Allies Cyathea cooperi Cooper's Tree Fern View More
10611 Ferns & Allies Cyathea leichhardtiana Prickly Tree Fern View More
10613 Reptile Cyclodomorphus gerrardii Pink-Tongued Skink View More
10614 Tree Cyclophyllum coprosmoides Coast Canthium View More
10615 Tree Cyclophyllum longipetalum Brush Canthium View More
12523 Fungi Cymatoderma elegans View More
10621 Orchid Cymbidium madidum She-Oak Orchid View More
10622 Orchid Cymbidium suave Grass Orchid View More
10623 Grass Cymbopogon refractus Barbwire Grass View More
10630 Herb Cyperus enervis 0 View More
10631 Herb Cyperus exaltatus Giant Flat Sedge View More
10632 Herb Cyperus gracilis Slender Sedge View More
10633 Herb Cyperus laevis 0 View More
10636 Herb Cyperus polystachyos Bunchy Sedge View More
10641 Herb Cyperus tetraphyllus Sedge View More
12432 Bug or Cicada Cystosoma saundersii Bladder Cicada View More